Credit decision / Underwriting

Homestar drop the ball on my loan from day1. Lack of communication. I was pre approved for {$120000.00}. I made an offer to a HUD {$100.00} down house. Hud accepted my offer of {$92000.00}. I supplied ALL documents to my loan officer via email and fax in less than a week.
After a month of waiting, they finally ordered appraisal. What originally cost {$450.00}, but they charged me {$550.00}. Because they had to put a rush on it. The property management made me turn on all the utilities on in 2 days!! I got total of XXXX disclosures, all because they had mistakes with the loan amount and down payment. I called my loan officer multiple of times, no answer. In one occasion, he text me back at XXXX, stating that he will call me back during business hours. But turn around and respond to my email at XXXX!! After 6 weeks of waiting, he emailed me stating the underwriter approved my loan! A week later, I got email from the loan processor for additional documents. I sent all requested documents the same day. Then they started to ask for same documents over and over again. I emailed and faxed the documents. I was so tired of them not receiving my documents. I got off from work early, and hand deliveried all the documents to the branch office. My realtor had to get 15 day extension on the contract, because the underwiter still working on my loan. After a week later, they finally sent me the closing disclosure with the closing date of XXXX/XXXX/16. I signed it and emailed my loan officer asking them what time is closing that same day. No response. When the closing day came, I still took the day off from work. Praying someone will call me. No phone call. The next day, my realtor called me and told me the underwriter wo n’t close on my loan, because the appraisal report has pictures of missing outlets. So they want hud to fix it, but Hud is refusing to make the repairs. I was so upset. She then said to get a invoice from a repairman for the cost to fix it, then we can close the next day. I called my friend whom does home repairs, showed him the appraisal report ( which by the way, I finally got from the loan processor that day via email ) all this time I never got the appraisal report that I paid for a month ago. I emailed the underwriter the repair invoice, agreeing to make the repairs once we close. No response. Now my extension on the contract expiring in 4days! XXXX/XXXX/16. No calls. No emails. Nothing from homestar. How can homestar send me the closing discloser with closing date, but now have a problem with outlets in the house???? They made what suppose to be one of the greatest moment of my life, XXXX. I ‘m about to lose my dream home, because I choose to apply with homestar.

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