Credit decision / Underwriting

We have a loan modification with a shared appreciation clause with Ocwen Loan Servicing since XXXX. We sold our home outright XXXX, XXXX XXXX. They charged us for an appraisal not called for in the agreement, ( XXXX, ) and ignored crediting us for a new roof ( XXXX. ) done since the agreement, also in the contract. They lose all docs. sent, they over and over make you set up phone appointments with Relationship Managers who continually tell you that some other dept. ( which you can not talk with ) is working on the complaint and will have an answer is 2 to4 business days – the answer never comes and the run and round never stops. We need our money and it is very clear they do not not intend to give it to us! They are nothing better than crooks defrauding their customers. They have lost XXXX sets of papers sent only to now ignor us completely. Yesterday they said a ltr. went out to answer the complaint – i asked for it to be emailed – this am it came. They answered the question about foreclosure costs ( we we never in forecloser ) and again stated they could ask fo the appraisal – they did not even mention the roof replacement. MY WIFE AND I ARE IN OUR XXXX ‘S AND OUR HEALTH IS NOT GOOD AND GETTING WORSE EVERYTIME I HAVE TO CHASE THEM AND END UP A SCREAMING MANIAC FOR THEIR IGNORANCE AND ILLEGAL MANUEVERING!!! THEY ARE GOING TO KILL XXXX! WHY IS THIS COMPANY ALLOWED TO DO THIS – THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS ON THE INTERNET AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM … WHY ARE N’T THEY EXPOSED IN THE MEDIA FOR WHO THEY ARE – LIARS, CROOKS, THIEVES. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP US?

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