Credit decision / Underwriting

This is ONCE AGAIN regarding BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING and their lack of customer service and constant wrongdoing.. As of the last reports on XXXX and XXXX, they have that the issue will be resolved by XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX … IT IS NOT!!!! This is so rediculous and such a fraudulent company that I am apalled that they are still allowed to be in business.. From XXXX being my point of contact, it has gone to a gentleman by the name of XXXX that has called me twice. The first day was when I was returning from my doctor ‘s office ( and this appointment is regarding the stress and my XXXX to the point of hospitilization – which I have refused because I do n’t want to be in the hospital on XX/XX/XXXX even though Bayview tells me the foreclosure is on hold ) I D O N T B E L I E V E A W O R D O U T O F T H E I R M O U T H S!!!!!!! XXXX tells me he is with the Advocacy Team Department and he told me that day that! ) I would be getting an answer shortly on my loan modification … 2 ) that the foreclosure was on hold, and 3 ) that I would be getting another letter very shortly about the NOE letter and credits that I have been requesting since XX/XX/XXXX … Two days later I get the approved loan modification that is totally rediculous to me being that my payments were XXXX per month when I purchased my home in XX/XX/XXXX with 5.75 percent and conventional loan. I never did anything wrong and Bayview has admitted that they should have never had me in foreclosure ; However since finding all of this out about them saying I owed them XXXX or they were taking my home I, of course was now starting to receive documents and paperwork that they never sent to me claiming because I was in bankruptcy – and the plethora of charges, late charges, misapplied charges, attorney fee charges, miscellaneous charges, etc I find out only after XX/XX/XXXX – I MADE MY PAYMENTS WITH NO NOTICE OF BEING IN TROUBLE WITH MY LOAN AND HERE I SIT … IT ‘S DOWNRIGHT FRAUD!!!! So, here is the rediculous loan modification from Bayview ( I sent you the first three pages already ) they now want my payment at XXXX a month, same 5.75 percentage and a new 30 year loan … .WHAT?!?!? How is this modified, if I even deserved a modification … .This has made me sicker than I am on XXXX already for … I have filed with the American XXXX Act. But I am writing to you tell you that XXXX called me again and said that I need to call XXXX, the Asset Manager – she will be in charge of my file. I tried calling XXXX three or four times that week with no answer, so I called XXXX back and he said they were all ( every manager ) in a meeting. The next day a XXXX calls me and says that XXXX and the rest of the managers are out of town and wanted to know a little of what is going on … .So I tell him. I then receive a call on my voicemail from XXXX, but I was sick and asleep the day I received her call. I called the next day and we spoke. She said what is going on. I now have your file and we will get this straightened out so you can get back on track … I start telling her about the approved loan modification and I havent signed it because Bayview has not credited my account ANYTHING for the wrongdoing and it says in the papers that I sign if when I sign them I can not go back from then … She said what credits? I said you do have my file, correct? : She said yes, but I still need to catch up on everything. So, very irritated I said then why do n’t you read the NOE letter from XX/XX/XXXX and call me back.. We made an appointment for the following Tuesday XX/XX/XXXX at XXXX Arizona time . XXXX told me she has it marked on her calendar. ( it was a Friday, XX/XX/XXXX when we spoke about setting the appointment ). Continued

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