Customer service/Customer relations

In XXXX XXXX I enrolled in a debt management program with XXXX. In XXXX XXXX, with less than a week before my account was to be debited for the XX/XX/XXXX payment, XXXX informed me that my program was being transferred to Money Management International ( MMI ). Apparently there was nothing I could do to prevent this transfer from occurring.Knowing that my bank would need specific information about MMI before it would honor the XX/XX/XXXX transaction and with less than a week before it was to occur, I began reaching out to MMI to secure the information my bank would need. I even contacted MMI by email and told them that unless someone specifically spoke with me by phone to get this information, I would authorize my bank not to honor the transaction should MMI try to withdraw the funds. MMI if they tried to contact me, did so as an ” unavailable ” or ” unknown ” caller – I do not answer such calls unless I recognize the number. ” MMI ” or the full company name never appeared on my caller ID.Over then next month, I repeatedly tried to speak with someone at MMI regarding my ” new ” account. In the meantime, I received an email from MMI with a mound of paperwork for me to complete for my ” new account ”. I contacted someone and spoke to a rep who was unable to locate my account ( because I had n’t completed the paperwork for a ” new account ” ) ; I ca n’t even remember how many times I had to tell the rep that my account was n’t ” new ” but rather transferred against my wishes. I also mentioned several times that I needed to speak with someone regarding my account and why ( bank information ) – the line was disconnected. I tried calling back and was unable to get through. Waited a bit and tried a third, fourth, even fifth and more times but was unable to even get through.In XXXX XXXX, despite my repeated attempts to secure the necessary information from MMI for my bank, MMI tried to draft the XX/XX/XXXX payment. Because I had not yet spoken with MMI, I did not transfer the money into the account ( hence MMI ‘s ” claim ” of ” insufficient funds ” (? -seriously?? ) ) as a safety measure until I had the opportunity to speak with them. XX/XX/XXXX, MMI finally reached out to me and spoke with me. It took two months before I had the information to forward to my bank.Two weeks later, I had an email from MMI indicating that one of my creditors had rejected payment and after speaking with the creditor, I found out that because it had taken MMI so long to actually speak to me ( for what amounted to about 10 minutes of basic information gathering ), the creditor had turned an account less than 60 days past due over to its collections dept. Not only that, but a payment that should have been made within five business days to my creditors had taken two weeks for MMI to deliver! MMI refused to find a way to ensure the XX/XX/XXXX payment was expedited to this creditor in particular and instead took another two weeks to attempt to send payment.When I contacted this particular creditor, I was given an new payment address. This second address again proved to be the wrong address, so while MMI sent the payment to the updated address, the XX/XX/XXXX and two XX/XX/XXXX payments were rejected once again. It took until XX/XX/XXXX before MMI contacted me and tried working with me.MMI refused to reach out to this creditor unless I was on the line ( my XXXX paperwork authorizes XXXX and now MMI to handle working with my creditors ; I do not need to be on the line for this ) and a conference call XX/XX/XXXX revealed that there was a third ” new ” payment address ( clearly a creditor issue ). MMI updated their payment records but it was a nightmare getting MMI to cooperate to send the rejected XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX payments to this new address. MMI also refused to expedite these payments as well.XX/XX/XXXX-MMI drafts account, payment made by MMI XXXX! Is it any wonder this creditor has revoked the program agreement?

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