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I had a check made out to my son I was attempting to cash using a POA. I reached out to Ace Cash Express at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX FL XXXX. I spoke to XXXX. She stated that they could/should be able to cash the upon confirmation of 3 items : 1 ) call the attorney to confirm the check is legitimate 2 ) Call the XXXX and confirm my son is there ( the reason for the POA 4 ) Speak to the person that notarized the document to confirm that is legitimate Once these steps were completed I awaited word that her manager would sign off on the check.
The manager XXXX the District Manager called. He stated they would need another/a 2nd POA from my son in XXXX specific to the check. I explained that was redundant and I will see my son on Saturday and take him to cash the check.

I had one SIMPLE request for XXXX ( he refused to provide me his last name ). I requested ALL my personal information be removed from Ace Cash Express ‘ System. I have never, nor would I ever, do business with them and did not feel comfortable with my ss # /DOB/ address etc in their system.
XXXX refused to remove my information.
I informed XXXX I provided my information based on the XXXX ‘s statement that she could cash the check. I would not have given my information to Ace if not for her stating they could do the deal.
My personal information is mine and I chose to protect it. I feel its completely within my rights to have it removed from their system. I do not nor have I done business with them — they have no right to hold my information hostage like that.

I would respectfully request that ALL my personal information be purged from their system.

Thank you!

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