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I filled out the wrong acct # on my Tax Return and did not catch the error until the day the IRS send the money and the money was deposited into someone else ‘s acct. We notified TD Bank immediately of the error. TD Bank confirmed that they have the money and its is currently on hold but refuses to send it back to the IRS. The IRS says that the only way to reissue the money is for TD to return it back to them however they will not. I am at a total loss as to why they will not return the money and I need help. TD Bank is unwilling to do anything. The IRS said that this happens frequently as they often get wrong information and the Bank always returns the money. I have spoken with many employees at TD Bank and they have all said the Bank should just return the money until they get to the ACH department and that is where the refusal happens, the Customer Service Employees are told unless the IRS asks for the money back there is nothing they will do. I have spoken to the Banking Commission, FDIC, IRS, XXXX and several others all have said the Bank needs to return the money. TD Bank will not allow me to speak with anyone in the ACH Department. I am at the end of my rope as to what to do. I am placing this formal complaint against TD Bank for holding money with full knowledge that it does not belong to them and needs to be returned to the IRS for proper distribution. Please HELP!!!!!

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