Dealing with your lender or servicer

I called Navient to obtain 12 months of my payment history in order to obtain a mortgage. There is a new rule that states if there is a co-signer on a loan who made payments for 12 months and you can show that proof then this amount is not factored into your debt to income ratio. It is a very important step in the mortgage process especially for a first time home buyer with student loan debt. When I called Navient the first time for thi s payment history ( since there is no way to obtain this information in my online account ) they were wrong about my payment history and in fact could not tell me who paid my loans. The next time I called Navient th ey told me that they could write me a letter because they could not provide copies of the checks that were sent to them each month that they processed as payments on my loans. However, after speaking to 3 levels of customer service, Navient informed me that the letter could only be sent by US mail in 7-14 business days. This is an ABSURD amount of time for someone involved in the mortgage/underwriting process and attempting to close on a home within 30 days. Navient told me that they could not email me the letter. Compare this to other government lenders who have mortgage letters readily available on the online portal accessible immediately. THEN, a week later I needed to contact Navient for a copy of my original promissory notes. AND THEY SENT THE WRONG PROMISSORY NO TES. I only have XXXX active loans in repayment w ith Navient. Ye t, they did not even send me the correct information. THEN, after they ” found ” my original promissory notes for the XXXX loans the estimated time to send me the documents was by XXXX XXXX XXXX when I called on XXXX XXXX XXXX . Why is n’t the original master promissory note attached to my account and on file and readily accessible? More than 2 months for a routine document necessary to provide to an underwriter to obtain a mortgage is UNREASONABLE. Navient has the ability to prevent me from obtaining a mortgage that I am otherwise qualified to obtain SOLELY because of their inability to provide me with documentation associated with my account, which is current and historically paid on time. If Navient can not provide adeq uate and accurate information within a reasonable time period to its customers then they should not be in business and should be shut down for unfair and deceptive business practices, misleading customers and unduly withholding customer information.

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