Dealing with your lender or servicer

In XXXX XXXX I was diagnosed with XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX . IN anticipation of running afoul of my bills I contacted Navient and was advised that I had to fill an online application for Income driven hardship. The site was confusing. Nonetheless, in the throes of XXXX , I provided all the information and waited to be contacted regarding this process. Never heard from them but apparently, they must have done a forbearance or something and I received a letter telling me next payment was due in XXXX . In meantime I called and discovered that they had denied my hardship as I had not sent in the proper paperwork. NOt true it was all scanned and uploaded. I asked WHY if I sent this months ago has no one contacted me? double talk. So, now the date for whatever this payment arrives … it is not the income hardship but something else that I have no idea about which I ‘m sure extends my interest somehow. I suddenly receive a letter on XXXX XXXX , XXXX now telling a different story then I was told over the phone. I call and yes they received all the paperwork but the scan was ” unreadable ” please send tax return or proof of income again. So XXXX different stories.

IN meantime, not sure if I should make this payment now days late as it is NOT what I requested and do not want to have this seen as I except what they are doing. Now. I am receiving XXXX daily phone calls from ” unavailable ” early XXXX and late XXXX . Imagine having to run to the phone with XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX while recovering from XXXX XXXX Only to get a ” recording ” that tells me hold on..finally getting someone to get on phone. They repeat themselves..several times, recorded line, young person with condescension on phone. You hear many people behind them as it sounds like a calling center. then ask for identifying information.. I tell them I do n’t know you … you could be from XXXX or some country using a dialer and I am not giving you information about me that you can use to hack my identity.

” well without this information we ca n’t help you. ” I did n’t ask for help! You called me and I want it to stop! More condescending tone.

I have called Navient myself to deal with this alleged lie about my ” unreadable tax return ” and it is clear the other call if from them is only about this {$200.00} or so dollars that is NOT the hardship agreement.

I have asked them to NOT CALL as I have no intention of talking to strangers and providing private information..of course they ignore me and do the harassment anyway.

What can I do.. I am recovery from XXXX XXXX . I have XXXX now sent the required paperwork and they are playing games.

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