Dealing with your lender or servicer

In XX/XX/XXXX I d ecided to go back to school and applied for the first time using FASFA to XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX online. At the time I was living in NH and still as of today. In mid XXXX my marriage failed and by the end of the year we were on our way to divorcing. With direction from our legal counsel we filed bankruptcy due to neither one of us being a ble to maintain two households on our income. I lost most of my XXXX and of course I began the long road to rebui lding my credit.

I did not have the money to pay any student loans, so from XXXX to approximately XXXX my loans went into default status. I was a novice to the student loan arena. I finally began the steps to begin repaying i n XX/XX/XXXX / XX/XX/XXXX an d paid what I could and got to a point of bringing several from default back to normal standing.

There was a rather huge loan of at the time approximately {$30000.00}. As things have progressed up to this point, I never really thought about it, but now I question if I should be paying a $ XXXX loan for a 4 year program of which I only attended less than 1 year. This loan was with at the time XXXX XXXX , now Navient.

Because it moved to default status, I was notified by a company called XXXX XXXX XXXX that they now owned the note and I had to pay them. I began doing so. It had become increasingly more and more difficult to go online to make my $ 150 monthly payment and they would not take my calls to assist. I finally sent a letter indicating that they would not receive any further payments until they provided an account summary and conduit to pay the bill. Still no answer. I kept noticing that even though XXXX said they owned the note, the value still showed in my XXXX XXXX online account. I thought this was odd.

A couple of months passed and still no contact from XXXX , so I began to shift payment from XXXX back to XXXX XXXX ( no w Navient ) beginning XX/XX/XXXX

Over the past few monthsflags have been popping up on this account to which makes me think that something is off with this loan. My spouse has recently acquired her XXXX XXXX through a university in our area. The school got the money for just the semester she was in and then paid her what was left, if anything. She used the balance of such funds to pay for her books and incidentals. If she does not use the funds she puts it back on her loan, however she never was charged the full value of the program she is charged for the classes she takesif she does not finish the program, she is paying only for what she took not for what she did not. I guess that was the first red flag for me.

The second flag is if the note was taken over by XXXX XXXX XXXX … why is it still showing in my account on Navient? I c alled XXXX end of year in XXXX to ask for tax paperwork for the loan. They told me that it is no longer a federal loan, that they owned it, that I would never get tax paperwork to file and it would never go back to at the time XXXX XXXX .

I have read all over the internet articles that XXXX XXXX is now closed and it is closed for fraud among other issues. I never was notified of this issue as a student of the college or else I would have been all over this.

Today I have run a credit report from XXXX and find that this XXXX loan ( which now shows on Navient for like XXXX ) is not even on my report.not in collections, not even as an active account.

One thin g against me is I dont have the original westwood paperwork any longerbut it does show that I attended the college. I recently applied and was accepted to XXXX to finish off my XXXX XXXX and they showed me as a student there. Not sure if that is against me or not, but they did not show this XXXX note.

From the site when I log in this shows all my outstanding student loans … this note is not among them. According to this site, I have only {$4200.00} in outstanding student loans … obviously a bit more will be added with the new loan from XXXX .

Im not out to get a free ride, however I dont want to be taken for a ride either. I am seeking to have this note put to bed, but am not sure if I have the legal right to do this and if I do am not sure where to start.

I did speak to a student loan lawyer who shared that it appears that XXXX fraudulently took loans out against students who all seem to be finding out after they left the school. XXXX went belly up around XXXX . He said since XXXX XXXX XXXX Navient ) bought the loan it ‘s not their fault and I have to pay them. But here is my issue … if in fraud situation someone sells me stolen merchandise, I ‘m out of the money and have to return the product. In this case, XXXX stole the money and Navient purchased it … so why ca n’t the precedent be set to make Navient give it ba ck? I should not have to pay for this. This is identity theft for which I should not be responsible for it. I have been paying back. I ‘ve been paying {$150.00} month since XX/XX/XXXX ( actua lly since XXXX , but I ‘ll round it off to a full year ) and assuming a class is {$1000.00} … I ‘ve paid {$9000.00} back. I attended less than a year before stopping. I believe I ‘ve paid back what I owe.

I ‘ve emailed Navient and r equested a report of any/all history from the time of this loan inception to be sent to me as of XX/XX/XXXX . I ‘ve attached a historical report from XXXX XXXX XXXX . I ‘ve attached a screenshot of the account showing that this $ XXXX loan does not exist. For my security … I am not including my credit report, but will if requested … this also does not show this loan, but it does show all my other ones with approximate total balance of {$4200.00} – ( one was just paid off in full from AES ).

I feel like this loan should not exist. There is no way that in less than one year th is student loan would be XXXX . My courses now at XXXX are XXXX per class. Even if I took XXXX per term with XXXX terms a year is $ XXXX per year. When I went to XXXX , class costs were well below this and I only took XXXX class per term … so this number would have even been lower – not to mention I did n’t finish year XXXX due to my divorce.

Can I get help to fight this?


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