Deposits and withdrawals

I received a teller check from a credit union and deposited into my checking account inside the main branch of USAA in XXXX XXXX, Texas. The teller took the check and completed the deposit and said nothing about a hold on the deposit. On the deposit slip it shows my account balance and the amount of the deposit. It does not mention a hold on the funds. I then left the bank and checked my funds on USAA app and it showed the amount deposited was available. The amount was XXXX and my balance on the app reflected that amount. Two business days later I went back to the main branch of USAA and just before entering the bank I double checked my balance on the app and noticed that there was now a XXXX hold on my account. I went inside and went straight to the teller hoping there was a mistake on my account but when I tried to purchase a cashier ‘s check the teller confirmed that my checking account indeed was on hold for XXXX. I asked if I can discuss this matter with management and she directed me to an enclosed booth where there was a computer and a telephone and was told to dial zero and ask for a manager in the deposit department. I did so and held for about 2 minutes and a representative answer the phone and asked what he could help me with. I explained the situation and asked if there was anything that could be done to release my funds. The answer was no and that it was unclear on when the funds would be made available. I asked to speak with a manager so he transferred the call and I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes. Long story short the same answer was given by a manager ” no ” and adding insult to injury she stated that my creditability with them was in question because of a previous over draft in the last 6 months. I left very upset and frustrated with the entire situation. I also called one more time the following business day and the exact same answer. No … Please consider this fact. This was a preprinted teller check from a credit union and that when purchased originally by the payee was told that it ‘s the same as a cashier ‘s check. Now I have to wait 10 business days. Why? Why could n’t USAA physically pick up the phone and verify funds or tell me from the beginning there was going to be a 10 day hold. I would have cashed the check elsewhere and been able accomplish what I needed to. Now I ‘m on hold and it put me behind on what I needed to take care of.

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