Deposits and withdrawals

The Rush Card has been with holding money from my account, which I have been unable to pay bills, get to work, move in to a new home, and feed my family I was suppose to recieve my direct deposit and it is promise to me that it will be there two days befor my pay check, this happen during the end of the month when I have to pay rent. They keep telling me that they can not give me a time frame on how long it will take but keep guarenteeing me the money is safe but mean while my car insurance was just cancelled XXXX 2015 and the bill collector will not take an excuse I have suffered severaly from these damages and lost out on a home, a drop in credit, late fees, unable to keep my daughter in day care/after school, lost in hours at work and emtional stress I have to check my self in a hospital because of head aches im recieveing from stress. I have been unable to feed my family and had to borrow money from others that I have still been unable to pay back so far I have lost XXXX because of the lost hours at work and unable to get gas to meet deadlines and im lossing by the day because the issue is still not resolved I call them spoke to someone and pleaded my case they just countinue to place me on hold for hours and hope I hang up or they will hang up please help me, I soon will have to take out a pay day loan to help myself in this financial crisis.

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