Deposits and withdrawals

My name is XXXX XXXX XXXX and I am an XXXX XXXX, XXXX ; I have recently been a victim of fraud. Someone is depositing checks into my account ( means unknown ) and withdrawing the funds from various ATM ‘s and XXXX in XXXX, XXXX. The checks are of course faulty ( labeled XXXX XXXX, which no longer exists ) and put my account negative {$40000.00}, plus the {$2100.00} I had in their before the activity began. I reported suspicious activity as soon as I noticed the issue, changed all of my info, reported it to the USAA fraud department, placed fraud alerts with all XXXX credit bureaus, filed police reports with the XXXX ( CID will NOT take the case ; told me to try contacting XXXX PD ), etc. USAA is holding me liable for the negative balance on the account and are exercising their right NOT to do business with me. USAA was unable to explain why I was not notified of fraudulent activity ( I am signed up for fraud alerts ) although activity is taking place in XXXX, and I ‘m XXXX XXXX. When I asked why they would allow the account to get so bad, they responded with, ” We allowed the funds to be immediately available because you have been a valued customer for so long. ” I was never notified of activity taking place across the US, I never called USAA to make them aware that I was going to be in XXXX, etc. I am married to an veteran as well, and together we have an XXXX yr old daughter. This has put us in a financial bind because XXXX of my XXXX paychecks was directly deposited into the negative-standing account because I was unable to change it in time. I am past due on multiple bills, etc. The ultimate solution I am looking for is to NOT be held liable for the negative balance of {$40000.00}, and to receive my {$2100.00}, which was garnished in the account. If USAA chooses not to continue business with me afterwards, I am ok with that. Any assistance you can provide me would be great. I have also contacted Congressman XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX of XXXX.

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