Deposits and withdrawals

XX/XX/XXXX, I opened an CD with the USAA bank. 15 years later, I call in XX/XX/XXXX, to check my account and to see how much interest my CD obtained over the years. I am then told by an employee that I have no funds in my account because I got an loan in XX/XX/XXXX. I told the employee I never signed an loan, but they fax me paper work with my signature. Although I told her I do n’t recall ever getting this loan, I asked her where was the check because I never received an check. They said they would investigate.

I call back two weeks later and they told me the check has n’t been cashed, so then I request to get my money back and this is where things get sketchy. They give me the run around for two months, claiming this and that. They were suppose to put out an fraud claim, and my daughter even recorded conversations with them asking where my money was.

Finally, I sent an complaint to the XXXX. The XXXX gave them 7 days. The CEO, XXXX XXXX, responded back to the XXXX saying, ‘in my account the loan was given to me, and the funds were taken out of my account to pay back the loan. ‘ However, I sent an rejection to the XXXX telling them I never received an check, and that the check I was suppose to get was not cashed. If the check was n’t cashed, why are n’t they able to give me my money back in my account or issue me an new check? It ‘s because they ‘re stealing from customers.

Upon searching online, I have found similar complaints from other customers within my location of who also been betrayed, lied to, and stolen from from this company. The USAA location is XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX Tx, XXXX

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