Deposits and withdrawals

My wife transferred funds using the Wells Fargo website to move the money from another bank in to our wells fargo checking account to cover bills that automatically withdraw. The wells fargo website said she was doing a same day transfer. That was the XX/XX/XXXX but the money did n’t show up until the XX/XX/XXXX, and we got charged {$70.00} in late fees for the XXXX bills that withdrew, XXXX on the XX/XX/XXXX and the other on the XX/XX/XXXX. We were charged a {$35.00} late fee for each charge, including the one that withdrew the same day as the deposit, but was still considered as us having insufficient funds. I went in to a branch to talk with a banker and he flat said he could n’t do anything about the fees because he showed the money was n’t deposited until the XXXX. I told him I had the confirmation number that their website gave me and he still refused to do anything. I called in to the customer service phone number and was told that it was the other banks fault and i should talk to them. I confirmed with my wife that the transfer was initiated with wells fargo and called customer service back. I was told that the person on the phone could see the transfer being placed into the account on the XX/XX/XXXX, but had no way of knowing when that transfer was initiated. She told me she was transferring me and disconnected the call. I called back a third time and finally spoke with someone who was willing and able to help me. She was able to see that I initiated the transfer on the XX/XX/XXXX, that it was supposed to be a same day transfer, and that it was not deposited until the XX/XX/XXXX. After a brief check she told me there was a known technical issue with online transfers that was not fixed until the XX/XX/XXXX, which resulted in the delay. Assuming that she was being truthful, Wells Fargo knew about a technical glitch that was causing delays in deposits that had the potential to cause late fees that would cost customers {$35.00} each. Not only did they not notify customers that were or might have been affected, they did n’t even tell their internal staff. So when I tried to get some relief from the late fees that should n’t have been charged in the first place, their own employees did n’t even know how to help me and thus refused. Those late fees, of course, are profit for wells fargo. So they have a financial interest in people not knowing that the late fees were in fact the fault of the bank. They did nothing to correct the issue and attempted to hide it from customers. I have spent XXXX hours today trying to resolve something that should have taken XXXX XXXX minute phone call. All so wells fargo can keep as much of the illegitimate late fees as they can.

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