Deposits and withdrawals

Today, I got an email from XXXXXXXXXXXX : if I ignored the BOFA letter, my account access could be suspended if I did not enter my email contact of bank record and the password to my email. It ‘s illegal : not just unethical solicitation of private/security information ; the bank is not allowed — not entitled : not owed the information — to demand I disclose my email of record password. I got an ‘alert ‘ notice from BOFA in my email box too : when I logged into my account online, it said I needed to update my profile information or same thing as the email letter pdf except no request for email password.
I think either criminals knew BOFA sent real alerts for profile updates to BOFA customers, then quickly sent out their own criminal emails to try to steal passwords to email accounts of bank record or … And in the meantime : BOFA is just fouling ; BOFA says I did not pay rent for the last six months on my bill pay page. BOFA did record XXXX XXXX rent refund XXXX {$1700.00} or that I paid it but not — no XXXX XXXX refund : despite BOFA knowing full well I could not live at that residence or derived -0- benefit — for XXXX XXXX, yet my account was debited [ I did pay the XXXX XXXX rent before I was locked at my home XXXX XXXX ] {$1700.00} for XXXX rent XXXX XXXX [ valid until XXXX XXXX, XXXX ]. And then [ complaint ( s ) XXXX ; XXXX ] BOFA IS NOT ALLOWED TO STEAL MONEY FROM ME BY SUPPOSEDLY PAYING NON-EXISTENT or even existent 3RD PARTIES : THE BANK CAN NOT DECIDE WHO OWES WHAT TO WHOM AND THEN STEAL MONEY FROM ME TO PAY THOSE FRAUDULENT BILLS FOR/AS/TO SUPPOSED OTHERS — OWED OR NOT — BY STEALING ‘LEGAL ORDER ‘ MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT ; it ‘s actually illegal for BOFA to garnish ” LEVY ” cash deposits and BOFA can never garnish for others — IT ‘S A CRIME — or even if BOFA was the legitimate garnishee. Any request for exception must first have a legitimate court order — BOFA insanely told me to file for a court order and ask for exception to garnish my cash deposits : so, it was never filed in court — that ‘s the only court record of just no levy/no garnishment. Because no one is allowed to request it EXCEPT : a person/entity requesting garnishment must file exception if having a CA State/US Federal judge issued court order : or not a never filed in court issued by an unidentifiable court clerk and/or no identity ” levying officer ” crime. State of CA/USA might allow exception for garnishment if it ‘s for child support/alimony but still not for ” levy ” or ” garnishment ” of cash deposits. NEVER : the money BOFA says BOFA stole was my XXXX XXXX XXXX rent refund XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX : BOFA IS NOT THE OWNER OF XXXX XXXX ; BOFA WAS NOT PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OF XXXX XXXX. BOFA ISSUED A LOAN TO XXXX XXXX HOA — STOLE THE MONEY FROM THE HOA — THEN DECLARED XXXX XXXX HOA IN DEFAULT AS BOFA ‘S ATTEMPT TO STEAL OF THE REAL ESTATE PROPERTY AND THE OVER {$60000.00} — not the same money as my XXXX XXXX Apartment rent : not the same money I worked like a slave to earn/deposit into my Merrill Lynch accounts — I ‘d already paid for XXXX XXXX rent … At XXXX XXXX : I paid rent for XXXX XXXX XXXX ‘ XXXX XXXX XXXX Condominiums from XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX and typically by POMO . All that ‘XXXX ‘ rent money I earned/paid — not the same money I ‘ve deposited at BOFA/ML — is mostly likely still in an account for my name at XXXX XXXX , hence the XXXX recent check theft debacle. I did not open a WF account in my name during XX/XX/XXXX-XX/XX/XXXX : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX agent of process/property manager of XXXX XXXX XXXX Condos did it by using my identification information because I was the one working/earning/paying the money no one could really collect and once it added up to be the XXXX County declared purchase price of the condo, I was attacked at ‘XXXX ‘. At XXXX XXXX : {$40000.00} it was/is about. IRS : recent — XXXX — IRS complaint # XXXX {$2800.00} illegal debit XXXX.

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