Deposits and withdrawals

Insurance premium of XXXX for Mutual of XXXX whole life policy # XXXX, which I signed an agreement to be deducted from my personal checking account with the Navy Federal CU, account # XXXX on the XXXX of each month. The company XXXX debited {$55.00} on the XXXX of XXXX and on the XXXX of XXXX. They made XXXX withdrawals within a 30 day period, illegal under banking laws for an insurance product. NFCU has offered to credit back the {$31.00} overdraft fee. I believe XXXX knew I had an XXXX deposit pending and was held until the XXXX. NFCU, although I had a pending posted deposit, NFCU refused to clear the draft. XXXX uses different days to post this payment, so that I may lapse my insurance policy, depite federal banking laws. They can not make multiple drafts within a 30 day period for an insurance policy. I do move money around as I have been a victim of identity theft, so I need the bank to follow an automatic draft schedule as most financial institutions are capable of in the XXXX century of electronic billing. This company also did not take a draft at all in XXXX, I had to mail the payment in. XXXX this premium draft to a third party who does n’t provide a legal address or phone number. This jeopardizes my already fragile credit rating and puts my life insurance policies at risk for being disputed. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

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