Deposits and withdrawals

I made a {$6000.00} deposit in to my account on XX/XX/2017. I explained to the lady behind the desk that I was desperate to get the funds available. She ran the check through a machine an told me it would be available on XX/XX/2017. I explained to her that I needed to be sure that it would be no later because I could drive to XXXX where the Bank is located from XXXX XXXX just as fast. She said that is all it would take. I made the deposit and on the receipt it even said that there was a hod on XXXX of the deposit till the XX/XX/2017. On XX/XX/XXXX I went to same branch to withdraw my money to pay my bills and the Teller told me that there has been an extended hold on the money till the XX/XX/XXXX. At that point it was before XXXX in the Central time zone that is where the bank was located that the check was drawn on. So I left the bank and returned around XXXX Eastern time zone which is XXXX Central Time Zone so the bank would be open and Citizens Bank could call and Verify the check had cleared. I meet with XXXX the Branch Manger and she called the branch the check was drawn on. Who ever answered the phone informed XXXX that they were not permitted to do that over the phone and she would have to call a different number and use a automated system. XXXX called someone over her head and they said that an Automated system would not work only a human can verify the check was good and there is nothing they could do for me. I asked if I could get the check back so I could drive XXXX miles and get my money from the bank the check was drawn on and they said no, it was too late for that.
What I do n’t get is Money electronically moves between bank at XXXX the same day, That was put in to place back in the XXXX ‘s. Citizens Bank received my money at XXXX on the XX/XX/XXXX, Why do they need a human to tell them it really happened? This is unacceptable. They are XXXX me. The world wants everyone to stop using cash and are forcing us to use everything electronic, this is why I have a problem with it, Had I deposited cash this would have never happened, had they not told me in writing that my money would be available on the XXXX this complaint would have never needed to be filed.

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