Deposits and withdrawals

I opened an account with Citibank because i thought they will be a better bank, but now they are starting with the stupidness. I called in regards to a check that i wrote for {$740.00} and A few weeks ago I saw that the check was presented as paid in my account, And today I receive a call from the person i wrote the check to and they advised me that there bank told them that there was a freeze on my account and the check was not paid, i go into my account and now all of a sudden the check is not showing no where in my account. I then called the bank and spoke to XXXX @ Citibank and she said that my check was not paid because there was insufficient funds in my account and the check was presented on XXXX/XXXX/2017. I told her that was not true because I had over {$9000.00} in my account she then tells me to hold and she kept me on hold for a few minutes and then comes back and tells me that she was sorry for the information my checks was blocked because they needed to be activated i NEVER received a letter stating that the check was not paid nor my account was blocked she then said that she was sorry and if i activate the checks they can represent the check and it would go threw. I said as of today I have {$170.00} in my account and the check will bounce she said that she understand and she is sorry. I had check this amount off because it showed presented so this should be on Citibank not on me and they have put me in a bad situation..

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