Deposits and withdrawals

I was a victim of a scam from applying for a job on XXXX and the day I applied the sit was reported as a scam, yet I was never notified, I took the check in hopes that this was a good check and I had a job. I let Bank of America know my concerns with the check and how I received it, they had it on hold and I talked to several different employees and they reassured me the check was in good standing, I went down to my local Bank of America branch in XXXX, Ca and was explaining to the teller how I go this job and the check and how I was concerned about it she assured me that the check had cleared, I took out the money and then left the bank I was informed to go back into the bank and go to a different teller to deposit the money into another Bank of America account, I told the teller he wanted to me to go to a different employee to deposit the money she said no I can help and so I explained to her the situation and she finished the transaction. I have been to the FBI and have made police reports and have wrote the XXXX.I notified the bank that day at XXXX on XXXX XXXX 2016 and reported the account I had deposited the money into and called the bank of the check that was sent to me, the account had been red flagged due to frudulent activity and the check was no good. Since thisI had my tax return that was going into there that I could n’t change but was told since the account was closed it would be rejected and a check would be issued out to me. Today XXXX XXXX, 2016 I had gotten a call from Bank of America informing me that XXXX was wrong about my account being closed that in fact it was closed. However I have a letter stating to me that is dated on the XXXX of XXXX that my account has been, and my last statement that does n’t show the money coming in. This does n’t seem right to me and the Police officer and FBI agent suggested that Bank of America had not caught this and should have been aware ; and as a result I am suffering over {$4000.00} and plus is financial loss.

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