Deposits and withdrawals

In XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/2017, I fell victim to a check-cashing scheme. The bank I use, and used at the time, was PNC. I deposited checks from ” XXXX ” for around {$3000.00} via ATM. In checking my online account, by the next business day that deposited check had posted to my account. Usually the following business day, PNC would clear the check for use. I withdrew the money and wired it overseas according to instructions via direct interaction with the teller at the PNC branch nearby. This was done a total of 7 times.
I discovered that the checks I deposited via ATM were fraudulently drawn and were bogus by contacting the company XXXX XXXX XXXX directly. By this time, I had transacted a total of {$20000.00}.
PNC immediately held me liable for that {$20000.00} and immediately froze mine and my wife ‘s accounts until I repaid that {$20000.00}. Of course I do not have {$20000.00} because as soon as I withdrew it, I sent it out via XXXX XXXX. My situation worsened when I lost my job and I am unable to locate another. Thus, my accounts were frozen, PNC wanted me to pay them over {$20000.00}, and the means I had to cover that were no longer available.

Besides my stupidity at falling for this scheme, my contention with PNC is this : If they had n’t cleared these checks, I never would have withdrawn money against them. The deposit would not have cleared, ergo, the money would not have been available. PNC cleared those checks usually with two business days of deposit, which, to me, signaled that the checks were legitimate and said money was available for use.
I found out later that was an inaccurate assumption.
If they suspected the checks as being fraudulently drawn, they should not have cleared them. Posted, yes ; cleared, no.
A subsequent conversation with PNC occurred where they did state that the checks were ” being investigated ”. However, the damage had already been done and PNC is now holding me liable for that amount.
Further, I hold a PNC credit card with an outstanding balance of about {$7800.00}, where I could not make a payment as my available funds were locked down by PNC. My unemployment compensation was being direct-deposited into a locked account so I had no access to money needed to pay living expenses, let alone other bills. When PNC collectors called about the late credit card payment, I related the situation in full.
The next business day, PNC unlocked my accounts. I logged in and made a credit card payment. So it seems that PNC opened my account to allow for a credit card payment, and then locked it down again.
Given my inability to find employment and that I was essentially duped by this check-cashing scam, I am requesting help from the CFPB to intervene and to help lift that {$20000.00} debt from my shoulders. There simply is no reasonable way I ‘ll ever be able to make that payoff to them.
I will end my banking relationship with PNC after over 20 years, but will continue to meet my responsibility in paying off the credit card debt I have with PNC.
I am attaching bank statements from the time-window in question. XX/XX/XXXX shows XXXX ATM deposits and XXXX withdrawals. XX/XX/XXXX shows XXXX more deposit and XXXX more withdrawals. The final deposit amount was never withdrawn.
These statements are in pdf format and I can not edit out sensitive data, so please be very discrete in how you handle this information.
Thank you

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