Deposits and withdrawals

1. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I called HSBC for a payoff balance on my Select Credit Account and paid it off on XX/XX/XXXX. Because HSBC moved out of NYS, this account was closed years ago.
2. Over the years, I ‘ve set up automatic payments, twice a month, to pay it off as quickly as possible, more than doubling the payment. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I was in a position to finally pay the balance off and stop the automatic payments. XXXX told me the payoff was {$560.00}. So, I paid it off, repeatedly I asked her to make sure the auto payments discontinued, and requested a letter stating the account was paid in full. XXXX told me my statement would say it, but I insisted on a letter. She agreed. The confirmation # she gave me is : XXXX. ( See HSBC Item 1a/1b. ) 3. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I called back because the letter I received did not say my account was paid in full, but that it was closed. I spoke with XXXX. I explained I received the wrong letter and that I wanted a ” paid in full ” letter. ( See HSBC Item 2. ) XXXX went on to explain there was a {$63.00} credit on the account. I put 2 and 2 together, checked my bank account online while still on the phone with HSBC and discovered they took {$60.00} out of my checking account with XXXX XXXX XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX. I told her I wanted my {$60.00} back and I did n’t know what the {$3.00} was. She told me they had to investigate. HOWEVER, I told her if she can SEE there is a CREDIT on the account, there is no reason for investigation because SHE told me they owed ME. Everything I said fell on deaf ears. Long story short, XXXX promised to expedite and monitor my refund request. She told me it maybe 3 to 5 days before I get a check and then she will send me a ” paid in full ” letter. Confirmation # XXXX.
4. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I received a statement from HSBC and NO CHECK, but the payment date they took the unauthorized {$60.00} out of my account was XXXX/XXXX/16! ( See HSBC Item 3a/3b. ) The statement states that they owe ME {$59.00} and interest charged {$3.00}. So I waited and waited for a check until XX/XX/XXXX. I called them back and spoke to XXXX. I went through the entire nightmare with her. I waited 45 minutes on hold, before I even got a rep to talk to. A very long story short, she claimed that her supervisor told her that it will be 3 weeks on Wednesday, XX/XX/XXXX, and that the request was processed and the check is in the mail. I was furious! They made me wait 3 weeks + 1 week since I paid it off, even though THEY MADE THE MISTAKE AND TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. XXXX swore I ‘d get my money and told me to hang on, it will be in the mail this Wednesday. Confirmation # XXXX.
5. Today is Friday, XXXX/XXXX/16 and as of yet, I have not received my money. I tried calling, but their phone system keeps hanging up on me. Today I decided I ‘ve had enough. Holding my money for OVER A MONTH is no excuse. I want my money back and my letter stating I ‘ve paid in full and that I ‘m in good standing with the bank. This is THEIR MISTAKE, NOT MINE.
If they think I ‘m going away, I ‘m not. AND one last thing. To TOP IT OFF, XXXX had the nerve to ask me if I actually ASKED XXXX to cancel the automatic payments!! I told her I repeated myself and that SHE XXXX, not me. And asked her WHY ON EARTH would I allow the bank to take money from my checking account to pay on an account that is no only closed, but as of XX/XX/XXXX had a XXXX BALANCE??!! In a round about way, she agreed. But what kills me is that they WERE TRYING TO PUT THE BLAME ON ME!!! The are thieves.
I have a question for you that they could NOT answer. How could they charge {$3.00} on an account that had a XXXX balance? How? Why did they show – {$59.00} and not – {$60.00} on the statement they sent? Did they think I ‘d give them 1 cent. No way!
Please throw the book at them.

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