Deposits and withdrawals

To Whom It May Concern : I am seeking counsel to represent me and take SunTrust Bank to court for violating my privacy, for abusing me financially, for violating too many CFPB guidelines, along with misrepresentation of their products/services. This is what I sent counsel, but I wanted you to be aware of my concern as well.I opened a SunTrust bank account a few months ago. Knowing they did not have local branches, I wanted to insure my money is accessible should I need it, but not as easy accessible to go thru all of my savings having recently sold my house.
SunTrust bank housed about {$100000.00} of my money. A dire situation arose and I needed a withdrawal of {$14000.00} yesterday. They increased my spending limit, but not my ATM limit. I explained to them I even went to XXXX to cash a personal check and almost paid {$1400.00} to have that done since I needed my cash right away. That was to no avail. Today XX/XX/2017 I called to work something out since I could n’t let this issue roll to the next day and I was literally abused by this institution and its employees. I requested to speak to the office of the President, they refused, eventually causing it to be after XXXX EST. After XXXX, the excuse was they are closed. I spoke to several managers and took the following notes. They even called the institution that needed the cash for this dire matter and disclosed my personal information, but me in so much danger. That call was recorded. I am asking counsel to subpoena the phone conversations and proceed with legal matters. The managers in question did not follow CFPB guidelines and were quite oblivious to the whole point of the regulations to protect people like me. I even spoke to a branch manager in XXXX TN named XXXX and she assured me the ATM limit can be increased to {$14000.00}, the managers at the Client First Solutions within SunTrust Bank ‘s customer service department disagreed and would increase it to {$2500.00} and then not doing that either. Manager XXXX XXXX was a manager who hung up on me several times. Eventually XXXX transferred me to XXXX XXXX, who was her direct manager. She not only violated privacy laws, but also intentionally disconnected the call several times. Knowing her phone # and her direct manager, I called back with her on the line and left messages to all of the managers in the hierarchy until I reached the CEO, who resolves customer complaints thru his assistant. At the end of this correspondence you will find all of the names and numbers of the managers I left urgent messages for. To say the least, the company does not have an office of the President department, nor do they care to process and resolve customer complaints. Instead because they house my money, I am at their mercy and can not use it. The managers ALL were unfamiliar with their own bank ‘s policies. Additionally, their goal was not to have my issue resolved. Ultimately I did not get the cash I needed causing my life to be in serious despair ( details can be provided upon request ). They admitted to several conversations not being recorded because the managers called me to avoid a lawsuit. Keep in mind, on several occasions they suggested I drive 3 hours or fly to the nearest branch. I live in XXXX and the closest branch is on the east coast. They would not wire the money or work with other financial institutions to make this possible. I am talking about western union/other banks/check cashing places. XXXX ( branch manager in XXXX, XXXX ) XXXX XXXX XXXX ( she was on the phone while I left messages to her superiors ) XXXX She said office of the President closed at XXXX. Did not have their number or process. XXXX XXXX is XXXX manager. I left a message with XXXX on the line XXXX XXXX XXXX is XXXX manager, I left a message with XXXX on the line XXXX

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