Deposits and withdrawals

I opened a checking account on XXXX/XXXX/2015, and moved to a new state shortly after. Citibankaccepted my initial deposit of {$8800.00} into the account via a transaction over the phone. To date, I am unable to access my account, or use my debit card as I have not received my PIN number ( despite having mail forwarding, and receiving my ATM card ). Upon calling Citibank representatives they refuse to allow me access to my account in any way. I have had my ATM card and PIN number sent back to me TWICE. I have only ever received an ATM card ( with noPIN ). Additionally, I can not access my account in any way due to the lack of ATM/PINverification. The wonderfully brilliant powers at Citibank decided that an ATM card and PINcombo is the only way to verify identity … even though they accepted an initial deposit from this very same unverified identity. It is XXXX/XXXX/2015, and I have NO ACCESS to my funds. I have no checks, no usable ATM card, no online access, and no other access to the funds in my account.

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