Deposits and withdrawals

On saturday XXXX XXXX 2015 I had made a cash and check deposit at an M & T Bank branch location at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, NY XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX. The cash deposit was for {$960.00} and XXXX checks. XXXX check for {$150.00} and the other for around {$37.00}. I ca n’t recall the exact dollar amount because I do n’t have copies of the checks. As the deposit was being processed, the atm shut down and ate the deposit. No receipt was provided. I immediately called the M & T customer number for the bank to report the issue as the branch was closed. I was advised that when the branch opened on Monday morning they would balance the atm and my deposit would be completed. The representative said there was no way for them to make a service call to ( XXXX ) whom services the atm ‘s if there is an issue. The representative assured me that it would be corrected upon the balance of the atm and there would be no need to worry. She stated that there would be no discrepency. I was advised that a provisional credit would be issued to my account within a few business days. At the end of the call the representative said that they would have a technician service the atm but the would not be able to get out there for a few hours. That contradicted her previous statement. Never the less, I was upset over the situation and in a panic as well. A few days past and I received a provisional credit to my account for {$1000.00} and {$98.00} for the XXXX checks which did not add up to my initial deposit. There may have been a discrepency with the cash amount listed in the dispute due to the fact that I had counted the cash hours beforehand then spent {$40.00} of the {$1000.00} prior to the deposit. I had advised the representative at M & T when making the dispute of this. She advised me that they would issue the credit for the {$1000.00} and if there was an adjustment it would be done the following monday when the teller at the bank balanced the atm. On XXXX XXXX, 2015 I had recieved XXXX letters from M & T. XXXX stating that the {$98.00} provisional credit was determined to be accurate and they closed the dispute. The other letter stated that after a review of my account through investigation, they determined that no error had occurred and the transaction in question was processed corectly. They stated that they would be debiting my account for the {$1000.00} on XXXX XXXX, 2015.
I have been a long standing customer of M & T and am beyond concerned as to their banking practice and consumer protection capabilities. My assumption is that either a teller at the branch pocketed the money or someone that may have serviced the atm obsconded it. I have advised M & T to pull video footage of myself attempting to make the deposit as well as the teller whom balanced the atm. This is beyond upsetting and frustrating. It will be a financial devistation to me should they debit {$1000.00} out of my account. I am also considering filing a police report and going to the news. Should the bank not rectify this I will seek an attorney to file a civil suit.

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