Deposits and withdrawals

Upon advise of the B of A branch # XXXX manager I closed XXXX very old accounts. My checking and my savings account. I did this to prevent anyone from depositing money into my accounts and thereby creating a legal difficulty for me. After waiting the required amount of time I informed a person that I was returning her check and refusing to accept any partial payment. That person went to the XXXX XXXX, Ca. branch of B of A and attempted to deposit a check into my closed account as evidence on the deposit receipt. That person then managed to convince the teller that she had legitimate business and the teller found my new account information and allowed her to deposit the check as evidenced by the deposit receipt. When that persons cashed check is processed by her Bank all of my new account number will be available to her. Bank of America tells me that they can not guarantee that this will not happen again. My only recourse is to close all of my B of A accounts.

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