Deposits and withdrawals

In XXXX, I started to notice large sums of money was missing from my bank account. I would call and report it and some of the items were credited to my account. Then I noticed transactions performed that I never did and did n’t even have a destination. Checks that were presented were returned allegedly and then I see that they cleared in my account. Deposits made did not reflect in the account and some deposits were made to appear as withdrawal transactions. It started to get worse in XXXX. I had no idea what was going on ad how they were doing this. I noticed several transactions electronically made to stop and shop. I called stop and shops corporate office and they told me no electronic transactions were made or returned. I called telecheck who clearly state to me ” it ‘s your bank ”. I then filed a police report with the local police who did nothing to investigate it. I was told all the transactions had been refunded. I made two deposits one day apart in the same amount of XXXX one of which was a check and another which was a check for XXXX and the rest in cash. These were funds from my home burning down and donations were collected. The cash deposit had disappeared and the check was put on hold, cleared the hold and then a check came in and they still returned it. I went to close the account and was told by the branch manager it was closed. They then put through the same check again overdrawing my account and taking my XXXX XXXX payments for me and my children. I was told everything was to be credited. In XXXX I was told they were going to close the account. That was fine because I already did. Meanwhile they opened anther account performing erroneous transactions. There were transactions made when at ATM ‘s when I did n’t even have a debit card because the ATM machine took it. I contacted the corporate headquarters numerous times speaking with XXXX XXXX a customer advocate who was of no assistance she would not return the missing money. It is thousands on top of thousands saved during my 9 month trial work period. I recently ordered my statements again to see what the transactions were reporting as and they are all totally different from the original statements. All of the money refunded was taken back. The other account they opened they sent a letter saying they could n’t find the other account information. Bank of America legitimately stole a XXXX single mothers savings!!

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