Deposits and withdrawals

I have a complaint about Chase Bank..I deposited a 3rd party check, I know for sure that the check is legit and the writing bank has no issue with clearing the check..Chase employees keep giving me the run around and giving me mixed information..They told me that the actual payee of the check would have to provide a phone number for them to call and we provided that info, there are actually XXXX numbers associated with her phone account that ‘s under her name which they say they ca n’t verify any of the numbers ( how odd ) ..Then the first person I spoke with let me do a 3rd party call with the person who signed the check over to me, the second person let me do 3rd party call, of course I had to speak to several employees and still nothing accomplished, after speaking to the second person who also gave me her name I spoke to a third person who said that we could n’t do 3rd party calls and also told me that they ca n’t give me their name ( yes I know that she was supposed to give me her name ) to make a long story short they restricted my account and told me that once the check clears with the other bank then they will send the money back but my thing is why even let the check go that far? They should have just sent the check back to me or just cancelled the transaction out and let my account remain open considering that there is obviously no fraud in the situation because I have spoken to the other bank and everything is fine on their end..I never knew it was illegal to deposit a 3rd party check..The list of their bad customer service can go on for days, but my main concern is them restricting my account and not to mention they told me that I can put money into my account but I will never be able to touch it and that ‘s where all of my jobs sends my direct deposit.

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