Deposits and withdrawals

I currently have XXXX accounts with Chase XXXX personal and XXXX joint. On my personal I was charged XXXX {$34.00} dollar charges for insufficient funds on my personal acct. As far as I understand if you cover your insufficient fund fee before the end of the night you are ok. My fianc quick paid me the money at XXXX, I had no idea that there was a cut off time and the money would not go through I received an email and on my phone app it showed the money as positive. They are staying I signed the terms but honestly I did not read line for line nor did the person who opened acct explained. The only thing I am aware is the if you have insufficient funds you will get charged if acct stays negative. I have money in my joint acct do you think if I knew this would have happened. I attached XXXX pictures XXXX of my email confirmation of quick pay and also I transferred the remainder XXXX of the negative from my other joint acct last night my app showed me positive. You can see XXXX*XXXX=XXXX my acct is -XXXX I have not made any transactions since last night. Which shows the act was not negative. I did not know there was a time limit to quick pay believe me if I did I would have transferred the money from my joint acct which is with my fianc same person who quick paid me. This is unfair!!!

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