Deposits and withdrawals

On XX/XX/2016, as I was paying bills I noticed the balance of one of our accounts {$19000.00} less ( XXXX ACH transactions were made ) than where it should have been. I immediately called Wells Fargo to start the fraud claim. I received electronic confirmation that the claim had been submitted and to expect an update on day 5 and it to be resolved by day 10. I have checked the account each day and no reimbursement. On XX/XX/XXXX I called to get an update ; I provided the claim/reference number and the employee in CA stated no such claim existed. I provided her additional information to no avail. I must admit I got frustrated and hung up. I called back and was able to reach XXXX. XXXX was able to find the claim and was also able to add the third transaction which was not part of the claim originally. He informed me that there were no notes on the system. My frustration is the fact that someone, somewhere got away with {$19000.00} …. {$4300.00} on XX/XX/XXXX and XXXX transactions for {$7600.00} on XX/XX/XXXX. All transactions are coded with Health Savings. I do n’t have an HSA and the amount is significantly higher than anyone is allowed to put in their HSA. With the fake accounts that WF is accused of, this makes me very nervous. Almost {$20000.00} is missing!!! We are a middle class family and can not afford this type of transaction to happen. I feel taken advantage of — I want my money and am so tempted to pull all funds and sew them in my mattress. If a ” big bank ” can not protect my money which we worked hard for, then what are we, the general public, supposed to do???

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