Deposits and withdrawals

In early XX/XX/XXXX my Key Bank & XXXX debit cards were stolen along with my Driver ‘s license out of my wallet. Immediately, I reported my cards stolen and the fraudulent charges that were brought upon my account. Unfortunately I was n’t fast enough and whomever had already committed their criminal acts. As instructed by both banks, I immediately filed XXXX police reports and came into both banks to sign affidavits. After doing so I played the waiting game. Recently I reached out to both and I had been informed by both banks that my claim was denied. Somehow, this criminal withdrew {$3000.00} from my XXXX XXXX account and just under {$2000.00} from my KeyBank account. The problem is I only had {$10.00} in my KeyBank account and about {$10.00} maybe {$20.00} in my XXXX Account so how were they able to withdraw such amounts? Also, I had my accounts set up so that I COULD N’T go negative. I ‘m a student XXXX at the University XXXX so I ‘m unable to work and pay off this ridiculous amount nor should I have to because I did not commit the criminal act. I ‘m not asking for any money, or anything of the sort. I simply do n’t want to be held liable for something I did n’t do. All I want is a positive account balance that ‘s not going to disrupt my credit. I do n’t care if it ‘s a new account at XXXX $ I just want the issue resolved.

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