Deposits and withdrawals

Commerce Bank withdrew funds from my account, caused me to overdraft, all because the check that was written had a similar account number. Similar in the means that it was n’t my account and that the bank had an error when dispersing the funds. When I called the company they told me I would not be able to use any funds for XXXX to XXXX hours because they had to submit a formal complaint and go through the process. Even though you have bureaucratic ladders of things you have to go through the company could rectify this in a matter of seconds. It would be as easy as posting the image of the check and discussing why the funds were incorrectly withdrawn. Now I have no money and I am in a real big rut today as my bills are due and I have insufficient funds to pay them. I believe that a company of this size should not have this long of a process for XXXX of their own mistakes. I do n’t even have check for XXXX sake and somehow they

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