Deposits and withdrawals

My Husband and I have been a member of Navy Federal CU since XXXX and shortly after opening an account we applied for an Auto loan and Credit Card. The loan was approved for our XXXX XXXX XXXX and we received our credit card. I have never been late on a payment past the 10 day grace period, Maybe a day or so, due to the way our paycheck fell in accordance with the due date.
If the payment was n’t made on or before the actual date Navy federal would lock down all account access online even our debit cards & credit cards. We had no way to get funds from our checking account leaving us no funds to access and care for our XXXX children until the loan was paid one to 2 days later. I would call begging for them to lift the block and was told that they could n’t until the loan payment was made. On a couple of occasions my child was sick and I needed to pay for a prescription and was turned away by Navy federal. Another occasion I was about to run out of gas coming back from a long trip and call an was also turned away, each time there were funds in my account just not enough to make said payment that was due. Although, When a Direct deposit was made to the Checking account Navy Federal transferred automatically to the Auto account or Credit account without our consent. This is the reason why I closed my checking account with Navy Federal CU. I strongly feel that my family and I should be compensated for the mishandling of our accounts.

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