Deposits and withdrawals

I presented a check to Chase on their mobile deposit for {$26.00}. I received email from Chase on XX/XX/2016 stating the deposit was accepted and to destroy the check. Then I received a letter from Chase stating I would be charged a returned check fee and the check was returned UN LOCATE ACCOUNT. The letter stated : if you have questions, please call us at XXXX. Yes, that is correct, a phone number XXXX. Sorry, I threw the letter away. I resubmitted check as the branch manager suggested. Again, I receive a letter saying un locate and I would be charged a return check fee. I called my dentist and asked if they could reissue a check, they said Chase never presented the check. I talk with Dentist office, and we deduced that Chase omitted a ( XXXX ) in the account number and that ‘s why it could n’t be cashed. AGAIN, I go to back to the branch and had the teller correctly add a XXXX to the account number in the correct spot, she said she did it. AGAIN I get a letter XX/XX/2016 from Chase stating they were debiting my account and charging me a returned check fee. I call Chase bank again and go back AGAIN, give the correct account number to a teller at another branch to add a ( XXXX ) in the account number, and I get ANOTHER letter XX/XX/2016, the check was recharged against my account and stating a return check fee. AT this time, I call the Private Client bank phone number and they tell me to take the check to bank. I said I should not have to take the check a 4th time to the bank to get Chase to fix their error and asked for the executive office. At this time, a XXXX answered my call and was very nice. He said he could see in his computer where the online account number and indeed the # XXXX was blurring in the middle of it and was omitted somehow in the micr line. XXXX apologized and said someone in the office named XXXX was given the case to fix and should be simple. XXXX stated she would get back to me in 48 hours. After 7 days of no call from XXXX on Case # XXXX. I called and left a message. A XXXX named XXXX said she works XXXX-XXXX and would send her and her manager an email and she was n’t sure why she did n’t at least call me to tell me she was working on my complaint. I call again next day, XXXX still never returned my call. I asked for her manager ‘s extension and a XXXX gave me XXXX ‘s manager XXXX ‘s voicemail. XX/XX/2016. Then on XX/XX/2016 XXXX finally called me back and stated she was recording the call. I stated I did n’t want the call recorded and she said there was nothing she could do about it. She then proceeded to tell me to resubmit the check via mobile deposit ( which never worked the first time ) and that was all she could do. By this time I am more than frustrated by the gross neglect of Chase, I said why should I again deposit the check for the 6th time for a {$26.00} check. She said nothing else she could do and suggested I have my dentist reissue the check. I told her that the dentist would n’t as it would cost them more than the check to stop pay it and also CHASE NEVER were presented the check to their account. I told XXXX it was unacceptable that I should be forced to spend countless hours representing a {$26.00} check nor should my dentist have to waste another minute of their employees time for Chase Banks COUNTLESS errors. XXXX was rude and completely unhelpful. I asked for her manager. She told me she was n’t available and that the Manager was NOT required to fix my problem or call me back.
Again, I get on Chase Mobile and try for a 6th time to represent the check and SUPRISE!!! IT DOES N’T WORK!!!! I called Chase Exec Office again and they told me only XXXX could talk to me and XXXX refused to give me any solutions to get my check cashed.

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