Deposits and withdrawals

I had a checking account with TD Bank and was in a dispute with them over fees charged and told them I was going to open an account at another bank which I have done. In the meantime my insurance company XXXX deposited {$410.00} into the TD account instead of into my new account. The amount deposited was {$410.00} on XX/XX/2016 by ACH transaction ( electronic deposit ). I no longer have an ATM card with TD bank as I no longer use this account. I went to TD Bank to get my {$410.00} out and they said this is a ” credit only account ” which means deposits can be made but I cant take anything out. I asked why I can not take the money out since the money is mine and I broke my toe and need to pay the Doctor bills with this money. TD BANK customer service told me to come in and close out the account and they would not be able to give me the money since I owe {$560.00} on my account. I told them I do not owe them anything and they are not correct as I dispute those fees and will continue to dispute them. They are blackmailing me saying the {$410.00} will sit in my account until I come in and close out my account but I told them I am not going to do that unless they remove the excessive fees they charged me which I am in dispute of. TD Bank told me NO. XXXX said they can not take the money out of the TD Bank account even though it was an honest mistake on XXXX part, I would like the {$410.00} balance mailed to my home address. The bank can not hold this money from what my Attorney has said. ( I asked for a free consultation with my Lawyer ). He told me they are illegally holding these funds since nothing showing due on this account and there is a credit of {$410.00}. if TD Bank does not mail me this money asap I am getting an Attorney involved in this!

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