Deposits and withdrawals

This is about Chase Bank. I wrote my roommate a check. We called to see about placing a stop on the check on XXXX/XXXX/2015 because I did not want it to make my account negative. The rep said there would be more fees accrued if the stop was placed on the check, and to have my roommate write a check to counteract it. We called XXXX seperate times before we ever deposited it, making sure it would n’t be an issue. We were guaranteed it would go through since the roommate would have a positive balance in the account, but it would be overdrawn after it clears. He received a returned check fee, but the check went through on my end. My account was positive, the deposit was accepted. The rommate called the morning of XXXX/XXXX/15 and talked to a ” specialist ” at Chase Bank. Told her that he received a returned check fee, but the check deposited in my account. She never, NOT ONCE, stated that the check was going to come back out of the account. Now they are telling us there is nothing we can do, it does n’t matter that we were given wrong information that completely ruined my bank account. All they would do about the reps not giving us correct information is ” file a complaint ” How many times do we need to contact a bank prior to depositing a check to make sure this is not going to happen? Is Chase not held liable for their actions and wrong information? Now I have a negative bank account that is going to take my entire paycheck to resolve and Chase will not give me ANY solution to the problem. My livelyhood is a stake. I have no idea how I am supposed to get to work with no funds to even pay for gas.

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