Deposits and withdrawals

I will begin with the fact that USAA is well known for manipulating their customers accounts. If you make a deposit or withdrawal they will move the dates in order for them to collect more fees. I actually have proof of this happening in my account. The most recent occurrence of my account being manipulated was on XXXX/XXXX/2015. I made an immediate withdrawal of {$1800.00} from a local branch which USAA partners with to obtain a cashier ‘s check in the entire amount withdrawn, similar to an ATM withdrawal but due to the amount it needs to be completed this way per USAA. However, my USAA account statement shows the withdrawal was made on XXXX/XXXX/2015 which is a significant deficit of days and cashiers checks are immediate. I kept all receipts of withdrawals to prove this. I also paid a bill which cleared after a deposit I made in the morning of the XXXX XXXX only to have it magically appear before the deposit, even though it was n’t made until after the deposit was made. My next instance happened on XXXX/XXXX/2015 when I deposited via my phone a US Postal money order in the amount of {$310.00} in the morning at approximately XXXX XXXX it was later that day after my deposit which is immediate when made from the mobile device that one of my auto drafts for billing cleared. Once again my account was manipulated and my deposit was moved to after the ACH draft attempted to clear as to make it appear that no funds were available at that time so USAA in turn could charge me an overdraft fee. Then when my check which was written out to my housekeeper in the amount of {$85.00} cleared they once again manipulated my account and charged me not once but twice overdraft fees when you can clearly see on my account statement there were funds available and the check itself did clear the first time. When I spoke with a customer service rep, they told me they could not fix it because it was their computer who processes and they can only see the process. Now, if it is my money and I can see that enough is there to clear any debits or checks they can not do things behind the scenes in order to make more money. I am in the process of changing banks and I want the FTC to look into USAA and their practices as I am not the only service member who has experienced this. I want those fee ‘s refunded as there was money in my account and I also want their ” system ” to reflect actual dates and times of transactions accurately. Again I have proof of all that I have alleged and would be more than happy to hand it over to anyone who wishes to see it. I want to ensure this stops happening to those of us that serve. Thank you

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