Deposits and withdrawals

I have a joint checking account with my husband at Trustmark Bank in XXXX. We have used this bank for many years and have never defaulted on the account in any way. After my debit card was denied on XXXX, I discovered that a large sum of money had been taken out of my account. After reporting this to the bank, it was discovered that a cash withdraw was made at a XXXX, XXXX branch. We have never used any XXXX bank, we never make large cash withdraws from checking. There were multiple red flags, yet the teller gave the individual our account number, our account available balance, and finally- all of our money was handed over to this toothless smiling thief. There is video of the person making the withdraw. I was told that the thief has a replica of my husband ‘s ID, with a different picture. I have trouble understanding this because my husband ‘s signature, height, birthdate, and race are all on his ID. This thief, whom was physically handed all of my money by my trusted bank, looks nothing like my husband. He is a different race, clearly the thief is older and taller. The signatures do not match. While I do feel that it is taking too long for my bank to refund my money and I want them to give me a better time line, I am satisfied that I will be reimbursed at some point. I can not believe that my bank let this happen, I have no trust in the security of the bank, their policies, or that this will not easily happen again. I want others to be aware of this situation. I want this to be investigated and for it to be explained how this is even possible. I question the intentions of the bank, and their employees. Clearly something huge is lacking in this organization that just simply hands over another ‘s hard earned money to a common thief so easily, with so many screaming red flags and no regard for their customers security or livlihood.

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