Deposits and withdrawals

I banked a check for {$1100.00} through mobile phone deposit.
The transaction did go through.

My check was then stolen in an incident where a women took my wallet while at a cafe. Unfortunately my check was still in the wallet. She scribbled out my name and wrote her own, took it to XXXX and managed to cash it even though it was clearly scribbled out and visibly fraud.

I reported this immediately to my bak ( Chase Bank ) and filed a claim. XXXX could not accept my claim so then my place of employment who issued me the check went to the bank and filed XXXX claims all of which were dismissed.
There is hard evidence that I was wronged and money was stolen from me and the bank are dismissing my claim as they think they will be unable to have the money returned by XXXX though none of this is my fault and the banks allowed this transaction to go through.

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