Deposits and withdrawals

I received a voicemail with a time stamp of XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX from Wells Fargo agent requesting I contact her ( XXXX ) at phone number. I did not notice the voicemail until approximately XXXX that evening. The message stated an unrecognizable phone number. After listening to the message a few times, I attempted to log onto my Wells Fargo account website using my XXXX that I use primarily for online activity. I was locked out, so I decided to go to our local WF branch at XXXX XXXX, NC the next morning, Friday, XXXX XXXX ( beginning of XXXX Weekend ).
I talked with a Customer Service Representative there and explained the voicemail and my problem logging in. I do not remember her name. ( The branch manager, XXXX XXXX should provide that info ). She assisted me in changing my password and I acknowledged that everything looked well by observing my checking and credit card accounts.
I typically manage my credit card and checking account transfers online as well as personal savings accounts. I routinely use the online option to transfer funds from checking and savings accounts to payoff credit cards. The money market account in question was never accessed routinely.
The money market in question was started as a safe storage place for money realized from the sale of our primary home in XXXX, NC the previous XXXX XXXX. I had never set up this account for wire transfer and rarely accessed this account between XXXX XXXX thru XXXX XXXX.
When looking through my accounts on XXXX XXXX in order to accumulate funds to buy property to build a home, I discovered an unauthorized wire transfer had occurred XXXX XXXX for {$9700.00} as well as a {$30.00} wire transfer fee. The transfer was directed to XXXX XXXX XXXX in the name of ‘XXXX ‘. I do not know this individual and have no idea how he or she accessed my account.
I immediately proceeded to the XXXX XXXX branch and was assisted by XXXX XXXX XXXX to initiate a complaint and start the investigation.
Since i did not know and report the unauthorized transfer in the allotted time of 30 days, and Wells Fargo insists this was an authorized transfer of my money to an unknown recipient, WF has denied my complaint and closed the case.
FYI … .I have been a good customer of Wells Fargo and previously Wachovia Bank since XXXX and have never experienced a problem similar to this.
My Question … … .I can only suppose that the phone call from XXXX XXXX XXXX at XXXX was to verifiy that it was actually I initiating the transfer. Why, when I did not return her call did the transfer go forward without my consent?
As well, I was informed that the transfer was completed using an Advanced Access Code which was sent to my phone. I have no knowledge of such a call or message. I have received a history report from my Carrier , XXXX XXXX XXXX, and no record of such call exists on that date.
Still, Wells Fargo Bank , NA considers the case closed and is not pursuing the thief or thieving enterprise who STOLE my money!!!

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