Deposits and withdrawals

I have power of attorney and am a co-signer on my mother ‘s checking and savings account. My mother gets a monthly dividend check, I have always deposited these checks in person to my mother ‘s account, the check is made out to her. I never had a problem in XXXX, XXXX or XXXX XXXX until I moved to XXXX, XXXX. The Asst Mgr of the XXXX, XXXX, XXXX branch said that I could n’t do this. When I told him I had been doing it for years, he adamantly said no, you ca n’t do this. No adequate explanation was given. ( I believe his name is XXXX XXXX ) When I said I could go across the street and do this and made one more attempt by asking him to look up the history of deposits. My mother is in assisted living and ca n’t easily go to the bank. He then said okay, I asked why he could grant it then, and why could n’t he grant it before? Again, I am a co-signer and also have power of attorney on record with Chase.

I had this savings account up for my mother for this very reason, now they ‘re telling me I ca n’t deposit any moneys into my mother ‘s account, even though I have power of attorney and am a co-signor.

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