Deposits and withdrawals

I have been a victim of fraud. On XXXX I notified SunTrust that I had some items on my account that I did not authorize and also noticed that I no longer had my card. I advised them that I last used my bankcard on XXXX at XXXX just to purchase a couple of items. I was told to submit an affidavit for the items that I was disputing and was told that I will have a decision within XXXX business days. I contacted them several times within the XXXX business days to get updates. They came back with the decision and stated that they saw no fraud was made against my account because my pin number was used. I told them I had just recently received that new card in the mail and no one had the PIN other than me. Some of the fraud was made using a XXXX ATM. I went to the branch location where the fraud was done and asked if I can review the video from the camera and I was told that they had no way of showing me. I asked if the video was even reviewed and they could never give an answer which makes me think that it might be a SunTrust employee that is associated with the fraud. I was told by the SunTrust employee that I would have to do my own investigation and submit more proof to them. The associated advised me to go to XXXX to request the tapes to be pulled, which I did, and was told that they do n’t have the authority to show me and video surveillance and can only be requested from the bank institution or an investigator. I also asked if a signature card was pulled to prove that the signatures on the back of the check did not match my signature but once again my request went unheard. I am requesting a full refund of all of the fraudulent items including the fees and a FULL investigation from SunTrust in house because I feel that SunTrust has frauded me and is possibly frauding other SunTrust members. The items that I am disputing are 2 checking that was deposited into the ATM one for {$910.00} and {$930.00}. There also was an ATM withdrawal for {$500.00} and 5 Wal-Mart purchases totaling {$260.00}. Also I have been a LOYAL customer with SunTrust bank for over 10 years and my account has ALWAYS been in good standings. I used this account for all of my personal banking needs such as receiving my direct deposit from my employer and paying bills. I have also incurred late fees because I am unable to pay my bills due to the fraud on my account.

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