Deposits and withdrawals

Dear Sir/MadamI would be most grateful that you assist me in claiming back my investment with Wells Fargo Bank. I have included XXXX of many letters writen to the bank is undermentioned, dated XXXX XXXX 2015 and XXXX XXXX 2015. Thank you for your courtesy.

Dear XXXX XXXXClaim XXXXMy letters of correspondence with the Prevention Contact Center addressing my claim for the refund of my money stolen from my account has been relentlessly denied because the transaction was deemed not to have been reported timeously. My letters and submitted documents show that the matter was reported timeously but not recorded as such by the Wells Fargo staff.

Furthermore the bank has failed to acknowledge that I have been the victim of an identity fraud and failed to recognize the cascade of security blunders prior to the event. The Bank was negligent in assuming that there were ” no Bank errors in processing the transactions ”. Identity fraud is successful, as it relies on the naivety of the bank to trust electronic transactions only, without authenticating the owner of the account to establish the authenticity of the transaction. As I had mentioned in previous correspondence ; ” Communicating with your client who is authenticated through a series of security questions is almost failsafe against fraud. Unfortunately this did not happen ”. Why not? The transaction could have been blocked pending my reply.

I requested that my letters of correspondence, attached, be sent to you for your personal adjudication and this too appears not to have been done.

My appeal to you is to please authorize my rightful refund as this is the right thing to do.
XXXX sincerely.

XX/XX/2015Dear XXXX XXXXClaim XXXXWe write to ask you, as CEO/Chairman of Wells Fargo Bank to respond to the under mentioned questions in regard to XXXX XXXX ‘s savings account with Wells Fargo Bank. We ask too, that you specifically answer each question detailing your answer to each of the questions.

1. Are you aware XXXX XXXX XXXX had opened a savings account registered with Wells Fargo Bank?
2. Almost all of the money in this account was transferred out of the account in XXXX separate transactions over two days. No transactions were ever instructed for in the previous 10 year history of this account. Would such a rare event not have raised a suspicious brow among the security personnel?
3. Do you believe that XXXX XXXX was a victim of an identity fraud?
4. Why had the Bank not telephoned XXXX XXXX to validate the transfer?
5. A form requesting a PIN change and an authorization to absolve the Bank from any responsibility to inform the client in regard to movement of funds, was allegedly sent to XXXX XXXX for his signature. Have you seen this form in its original state?
6. If so, can you certify that the signature appearing on this form was written by XXXX XXXX?
7. If so, on what basis had you judged this?
8. Has this signature been appraised by a handwriting forensic expert?
9. XXXX XXXX certifies that he telephoned the call centre to inform the Bank that money was fraudulently transferred from his account. The telephone record submitted to the Bank shows the time and date of this call. The call centre agent failed to report the event as she was unable to authenticate the caller ‘s identity. Is it the Bank ‘s policy not to respond to such calls alerting fraud, unless the caller can be identified?
10. Was any deposit insurance taken out to protect the depositor ‘s funds?

We thank you in advance for the courtesy of your reply.
Yours sincerely

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