Deposits and withdrawals

On XX/XX/2017 I counted my money in preparation to deposit in my business checking account the next day, i had a total of {$6300.00}, i am sure i strapped {$5000.00} worth of money. XXXX bundle of $ XXXX= {$2000.00}, XXXX bundles of $ XXXX {$1000.00} for a total of {$2000.00}, and finally XXXX strapped bundle with {$800.00} worth of {$20.00} ‘s and {$200.00} worth of {$50.00} ‘s equaling {$1000.00}. That totaled {$5000.00}. the remaining money was loose money of various denominations for {$1300.00} The next day on XX/XX/2017 at aroundXXXXXXXX i entered wellsfargo at XXXX , FL XXXX to deposit money for my business bank account. the teller XXXX took my money and used the counting machine, his back was turned to me and he was covering the machine with his body. the counter was high and from my view i could not see the led read out of the machine that gave the total. he proceeded to use the machine the first {$2000.00} bundle was correct. the second bundle of {$1000.00} was correct, the next bundle of {$20.00} ‘s was short {$200.00}, i thought he miscounted or the machine was n’t set to count the right amount of money because of the inclusion of {$50.00} ‘s. He said he had the other bundle that had the {$20.00} ‘s and {$50.00} ‘s mixed together and proceeded to remove XXXX {$20.00} ‘s to make the previous short bundle of {$20.00} ‘s to total {$1000.00}. He counted the remaining money using the machine. I told him i had a total of {$6300.00}, but he counted the money again and said it was short {$200.00}. He gave me readouts from the counting machine for the loose money but did not give me a readout for the grand total. I withdrew {$100.00} from my wallet and {$100.00} from my personal checking account to make the business deposit whole. I can not stop thinking that when he was counting the money with his back turned to me that he could not have slipped money into into his open suit.

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