Deposits and withdrawals

On Friday XX/XX/XXXX I deposited XXXX ( several checks ) into my business account at citizens bank in XXXX inside of XXXX. The bank deposited XXXX some odd dollars instead of XXXX. Right away I went to the teller and said you gave me too much money. He said it was friday and to come back monday and we could remove it. I went back monday it was n’t there, tuesday it was n’t there. Thursday I went back and to my suprise they withdrew the money ALONG WITH MY DEPOSIT. Now if i would n’t have checked they would n’t have told me??? If i would have kept that money it would be theft. Why were they allowed to take MY money from MY account and NOT notify me?? They still have NOT given my money back. they told me I had to go back saturday to fill out paper work??!!! to get MY MONEY? And from there it could take days. I want to file a complaint as they were not permitted to go into my account. how many other peoples accounts do they do that with???? I consider this theft and want my money. I should not have to wait

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