Deposits and withdrawals

I went into a Wells Fargo branch located at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX # XXXX, XXXX, AZ XXXX the afternoon of XX/XX/2016 to open a new Checking and Savings Account. I provided the bank rep with my current AZ drivers license and my XXXX credit card for my forms of ID. I had deposited a total of {$3000.00} into the Wells Fargo account. {$1000.00} was to be placed in savings and {$2000.00} was to be placed in checking so that I could resume the pending transaction that had been scheduled for the coming weekend which would of been my XXXX mortgage payment and my XXXX car insurance. The banker had gone over the account types and pre qualification for a Wells Fargo credit card and asked me to sign electronically if I had agreed I was opening up savings and checking as well as I may be pre qualified for a credit card. After my deposit had been complete the banker printed out all form she had advised me of. She proceeded to advise the direct deposit slip was enclosed in the new member booklet along with temporary checks and temporary XXXX member card. Bank rep advised I was good to go. Later that evening when my family returned home I went only to update my job direct deposit and to set up my mortgage and car ACH payment. At that point is when I realized the information the bank rep had for the new accounts I had set up along with my funds was set up under the wrong name and a completely different state. At that point I assumed it may just be a simple clerical error so I proceeded to contact customer service to attempt to get the issue of the name and address change. The customer service agent was not able to provide me with any information on my funds as he stated my social does not match. The account was set up under the name XXXX XXXX XXXX in XXXX XXXX. I was unable to process my mortgage payment as well as my car payment and had to max out my only {$500.00} secured credit card which I had just paid off days earlier. I had attempted to pay my mortage payment and car insurance by visa but was unable to as they require routing and account information, when I provided my routing and account number provided by Wells Fargo they both had been declined as information did not match. Then end result is my XXXX account and credit card had to be maxed out and overdrawn in order for the payments to be processed. I do not have access to my funds I am not able to pay for gas at the pump nor may any payments. I am taking my son to XXXX driving out from AZ on XX/XX/2016 and will be returning XXXX I need access to my funds immediately.

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