Deposits and withdrawals

Re : Fraud Claim XXXX Bank of America ignored fraud activities on my account I discovered some fraud activities on my checking account. I opened a claimed with the fraud department. An analyst named XXXX took the case, She denied the case with no explanation. I had to call multiple times where I requested to speak with the analyst to see why the case was denied, She is was able to Instant Message with the rep I was on the phone with, but would not return my calls, or explained why my case was denied. It ‘s been five days, and I still do n’t have a concrete answer why my case was denied. Someone took my phone and was able to penetrated through my phone to add an account and make a transferred of {$400.00}. The name of the account is XXXX XXXX, I did not make this transaction nor did I authorize this transaction. The rep stated that I authorized someone to make that transferred which is not true, she also stated that I made transaction before and after that were not reported as fraud. But this one transaction was done without my permission or consent. This transferred is fraud, and they would not relooked at my case or correct the transferred.

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