Deposits and withdrawals

Chase bank refuses to reopen the investigation on my account that was closed due to fraudalant activity. I have a police report which they gave me and told me they had made XXXX arrests for the incident and yet chase wont even bother to change the issue. I called thru relay to report my card missing and either there was a misunderstand between operator and banker or they are make it up that i claim to still have my card which isnt true at all, even the banker i was talk to said they would send me a new card. Now that i am settled down and ready to possibly take chase to court to lawsuit because while this situation happened, i was losing my XXXX son in the hospital and 1 day after he died, i went to file police report.
I lost my son, my home, school, and my bank all in one month, and i am devastated after trying to deal with bank numerous times to solve this issue. Besides losing a son, i have XXXX other kids i am caring for. Please help or i have to take them to court for my suffering and causes that has effect my life

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