Deposits and withdrawals

I realized starting XX/XX/2015 that it seemed like I did n’t have as much money as I had put in my Bank of America Checking account. By XX/XX/XXXX, I was unable to pay my bills even though I was working full time, and I was forced to take a loan out. At that point, the loan seemed to disappear. There were a few transactions that were n’t mine, but not enough to equal to what was missing. I printed out my bank statements and realized that what I purchased was {$5100.00} less than what came out of the account. That was in XX/XX/XXXX. It seems like every time I buy something, double that amount comes out of the account.
I have called Bank of America repeatedly and they wo n’t do anything about it.
I have lost my house, was forced to move away from my family, and have defaulted on all my bills due to this problem. I have serious health issues that are going untreated at this time.
Someone I knew told me that they heard that people were stealing money out of the account in XXXX XXXX, and Bank of America has a picture of a person attempting to make a withdrawal out of my account for {$800.00} XX/XX/2015. I know this because they called and asked me to approve the transaction, and I told Bank of America it was n’t me. This happened where I lived, in XXXX, CA.
Bank of America told me I did n’t have to do anything and they would take care of it. I continued to have theft on my account and when I finally asked them about what there investigation had turned up, they would not give me a photo of the person. They told me they were not allowed to and I should have made a police report at the time if I wanted the photo. But I was not told to make a police report to get the photo of the person at the time of the incident. They told me I would have a name as soon as they did.
Due to Bank of America ‘s actions, my life is ruined. My credit is in shambles and my health is deteriorating. I have tried to make police reports but due to Bank of America ‘s actions, the police say I have nothing to report. Everything was take from me and Bank of America is complacent in it.

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