Deposits and withdrawals

Today I went into the XXXX PNC Bank location on XXXX XXXX XXXX. to cash a check that was written to me from XXXX for overpayment in the amount of {$47.00}. I asked the teller if I could cash the check. He continuously asked what kind of a business was XXXX. I explained that it was my insurance company and that they are an insurance company for military personnel. He had my military ID card and my state issued drivers license. Yet he was determined to prove that the check was not valid. When he finally discovered that the check was good, he said he would have to charge me a {$10.00} fee to cash the check even though the check said PNC Bank. He told me it was because it was a company check. I felt like he was discriminating against me. After service like this I would never open an account with this bank.

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