Deposits and withdrawals

I am a single member LLC. I changed my LLC name slightly, but many of my business fees were still being paid by checks made out to the original name-my name plus LLC ( both the new LLC name & my name our on my business checking acct ). For several years, I never had any trouble depositing these checks to my account, until XXXX, 2016. XXXX XXXX of Chase ‘s XXXX, IL XXXX, refused to take my deposit, cause of ” improper endorsement ”. I had to catch a plane, so I took the deposit back.
While our of town, my office staff informed me that their payroll checks were denied. I called Chase & was told ” my account was frozen. ” No one would tell me the reason. I was told by the bank rep that ” our relationship was over. ” After making several inquiries & complaints to the bank, I was told that my account would be unfrozen in one business day.
Upon my return, I met with XXXX XXXX ( branch mgr ) & XXXX XXXX, business banker. They dealt with me in an accusatory manner, for incorrectly endorsing checks. They stated that their actions were ” not a mistake ”. Moreover, the XXXX, IL branch, ( where my billing service deposits checks sent to them on my behalf ) was told not to accept ” improperly endorsed ” checks from me & this continued for up to 2 weeks time. The XXXX tellers were apparently told to watch out for me, as they alluded that they were aware I had discussions with the branch mgr .At all Chase branches I have used, I was allowed to make these deposits for years.These actions seriously impacted my cash flow ; caused embarrassment for NSF checks returned to me ; made me obligated to pay NSF fees ; had to pay wire transfer fees to repay my payroll service for covering my employees payroll.
I had my business account with Chase, as well as XXXX personal accts. & my home mortgage. I am leaving Chase & moving all XXXX accounts out of that bank.
Holding my hard earned money hostage without any due process is despicable. I have been a good, honest client with this bank for approx. 10 years. I want all of my out of pocket fees covered & I want to see XXXX XXXX & XXXX XXXX fired or reprimanded at the least, with a personal apology letter to me.

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